Gecko on a window

A gecko on a window showing its foot pads.

I’m constantly running in and out of the house because I’ve been distracted by something going on in the world of nature. I noticed this gecko on the outside of a window one night and rushed to get my camera. I particularly like the details of the underside of its feet, those miraculous pads that enable it to scoot around on any surface – up, down, or upside down.

I think this is a house gecko, but it could be a mourning gecko.

2 thoughts on “Gecko on a window

  1. Timelesslady

    I love this photo. We go to Jamaica on vacation and I always enjoy seeing the lizards/geckos that come out and night and gather around the lights. I’ve taken many a photo of them, but I have never seen this interesting view of the bottom of their feet. Great photo.



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