Great frigatebird

A great frigatebird flies along the North Kohala Coast.

I often see great frigatebirds on my afternoon walks along the North Kohala coast. Usually, they’re coming from the west with the wind and sun at their backs. I rarely spot them until they’re passing me and by the time I’m organized, they’re disappearing into the distance.

My nadir in these encounters occurred recently. I was watching a turtle from the cliff when a large shadow passed over me, quite startling me. I looked up and around and a great frigatebird swooped by, maybe six feet directly overhead. My best chance for a close up zipped away into the distance, but I had to laugh. It was almost like a cartoon encounter.

This is a different bird, one I saw early enough to get a decent photo.

3 thoughts on “Great frigatebird

      1. DawnSeeker / DawnHoof

        I had an owl swoop and a soaring hawk encounter here in our California mountains the past few days . . . bird encounters always communicate deeper meaning to me. (At the same time, our love bird, Buddy, passed away :(( :(( I got to snuzzle him and love him at the end, which was wonderful. He was about 15 years old, and we miss his cheeps and blings!!!) Thank you for all the great posts you share, Graham :))



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