Giant African land snail

Giant African Land Snail on the moveGiant African Land Snail and ants nest

This giant African land snail’s shell is about three inches long, but some adults grow a shell eight or more inches in length, with 7 to 9 whorls. Their size and attractive shells make these snails popular in the pet trade. In some places, the snails are used for food.

Thus endeth the positive news. On the downside, the giant African land snail is considered one of the world’s top 100 invasive species. Besides being a mighty muncher of fruits, vegetables and other vegetation, it carries pathogens damaging to a wide range of plants. It carries human pathogens, too. Oh, and it has a negative impact on native snails.

However, like most of us, it wanted no part of an ants nest, as seen in the photos in the middle and below.

Giant African Land Snail

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