Northern pintails

A pair of northern pintails take a dip in a puddle at Upolu Airport. Northern pintails migrate to Hawaii in the winter, in large numbers in former times, but fewer these days.

These are both drakes just starting to molt out of eclipse or juvenile plumage. Alas, they didn’t stick around the area long enough for me to see them in their splendid adult plumage.

Thanks to posters on for the identification and information.

Posted in response to this week’s Sunday Stills challenge on the theme of ‘Tourist.’ See more responses here.

6 thoughts on “Northern pintails

  1. What a great idea to include migrating birds as tourists! But so true! They probably feel like “locals” or ohana coming back each year 🙂 I’ll bet you get your share of tourists on the Big Island! And what? You don’t have photos of people milling around Hawaii looking bewildered or confused, or walking into traffic? LOL! I see that you shared the actual link-up page, which is fine. Either way, I see your post!

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      • I totally agree with you! I often will take photos from far away or of their backs, or even post edit the image to blur faces. With adults, I’m not terribly worried, but I never publish photos of children with recognizable faces unless the photos were from work-related programming where they signed consent forms. Most of the time, I don’t want people in my pics 🙂

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        • I don’t mind including people when they’re part of a public event, such as the Kamehameha Day celebrations or the Ironman race. Goes with the territory there I think. Otherwise I only do it if they’re integral to the moment or if they lend a sense of scale to a photo, in which case they’re usually small enough to be unrecognizable anyway.

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