Rosy wolfsnail

Rosy Wolfsnail

The rosy wolfsnail (Euglandina rosea) is a voracious predator. It devours other snails and slugs, and because of this trait, it was introduced into Hawaii in 1955 to control the numbers of invasive African land snails. Unfortunately, the African land snail grows to a very large size and, when it gets that big, the rosy wolfsnail wants nothing to do with it.

Instead, the rosy wolfsnail took a liking to the much smaller indigenous snails and proceeded to wreak havoc on their numbers. It’s now on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s list of the top 100 worst invasive alien species in the world.


8 thoughts on “Rosy wolfsnail

      • I don’t know which is worse. Introducing a species to control another which doesn’t work or simply introducing a species because it’s pretty or it reminds settlers of home which happened a lot in the days of colonization.

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        • I’m voting for the former. Both are awful in terms of not properly considering the effects of introduction, but presumably the latter category at least makes some people feels good. Species introduced control another, such as the mongoose here, don’t even do that. They just add a new scourge to the original one and make everyone unhappy.


          • The problem is that some of the species introduced by settlers can also have a negative impact on native wildlife. The European Starlings introduced to North America compete with the native Woodpeckers for nest sites.

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            • I agree. That’s what I meant by both being awful. It doesn’t matter why something is introduced if it hasn’t been well researched. New species are still introduced here deliberately, but there’s a good deal more thought put into the process and such introductions are first tested in a controlled environment to see if they’ll work without making things worse.

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