Indomitable melipotis moth

Indomitable Melipotis Moth female

Indomitable Melipotis Moth male (700)Two photos of indomitable melipotis (Melipotis indomita) moths, a female above and a male below. This species is common across the southern United States, but many sources do not include Hawaii in its range. However, it was first recorded here in 1969 according to this paper ( published in 1974.

Caterpillars of the moth were first found on kiawe trees but soon after turned up on defoliated monkeypod trees, hence it also being known as the monkeypod moth, because of its fondness for shrubs and trees of the legume family. They’re certainly quite common up here on the northern tip of the Big Island as I see them often when I’m out and about.

Many thanks to Daniel at for help with the identification. For his detailed information about the moth, see

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