Signs: Ironman advice

Signs-Ironman advice

During last month’s Ironman race, these cyclists had committed some sort of misdemeanor, probably following too close, on their way to Hawi, and had been pulled over to serve a 5-minute penalty. But what I liked about this scene was the sign in the background reading ‘Exertion plus perspiration equals inspiration.’ I suspect many of the Ironman participants might have thought the sign should have read ‘Exertion plus perspiration equals pain.’

Incidentally, that bright neon sign was a source of great community consternation when it went up. Some locals thought it was OK. Others thought it was a blight on the community and a sign of the impending apocalypse. It’s been in place a few months now and the hubbub seems to have subsided. I have to say though that the neon colors are still as garish as they ever were.

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