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That look

A green anole looking grumpy in Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Frosty.’ See more responses here.

Since there’s not a lot of frost on the ground around here, I thought I’d go with the frosty look I got when I pointed my camera at this green anole, which currently lives under the eaves.

When it rains…

Heavy rain in Hawaii

A follow up to yesterday’s post, my commute yesterday was surprisingly good. Once I got to work though, things went downhill. Driving rain, rivers where they shouldn’t be, wading pools popping up everywhere. Oh, and thunder and lightning, a rare occurrence in these parts, in abundance.

The day was short and I left for home in another downpour, amid rumors of road closures and an overturned semi-truck on my route. Once I passed Kawaihae (where I did see the semi trailer conveniently off to one side of the road), the rain eased and getting home was a breeze. I even managed a trip to the gas station in blazing sunshine.

But later, the skies darkened, lightning flashed, and thunder cracked directly overhead. And rain lashed the house, driven sideways by gusts of wind. I think this was the hardest rain I’ve seen since I moved here. The photos don’t capture it, cowering as I was safely inside and taking photos through increasingly blurred windows.

According to the forecast, the system should pass overnight, and I will be very happy to wave it goodbye.

Heavy rain in Hawaii


Kohala Coffee Mill in Hawi Hawaii
Bamboo Restaurant in Hawi Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘In Your Town.’ See more responses here.

I’ve run a couple of Hawi scenes already this past week (here and here) and another earlier in this year (here). But here are a few more scenes from Hawi town.

Kohala Coffee Mill is a social meeting place with coffee, excellent local ice cream, and good food.

Across the street, the Bamboo Restaurant is a popular local restaurant which hosted farmers market stalls during the Covid times (I know, they’re still going on.).

The banyan trees are where the farmers market used to be held every Saturday, and is a popular rendezvous spot. Everyone knows where they are.

Nakahara Grocery in Hawi Hawaii

Across from the banyans is Nakahara Store, a small local grocery that’s been around a long time.

Hawi is an arty place and some arty types express themselves on their vehicles!

A painted truck in Hawi Hawaii

Hawi murals

A colorful mural in Hawi, Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Vivid.’ See more responses here.

I took the opportunity to revisit the murals surrounding a courtyard in downtown Hawi. I’ve posted a couple of inmages before, here and here, but there are others that certainly can be described as vivid.

A colorful mural in Hawi, Hawaii
A colorful mural in Hawi, Hawaii

The bottom one is one I featured a couple of years ago (here) as a work in progress. I’m still not sure whether this is the finished article. I suspect some of those white areas on the right will get more detail one of these days.

Also posted for Becky’s Squares theme of “Walking” (See more responses here).

A colorful mural in Hawi, Hawaii


Recycled glass in Hawaii

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Glass.’ See more responses here.

We don’t have trash pick up here. Instead, we take our trash to the transfer station, which is also the place to take items for recycling. These days, only glass and corrugated cardboard are being recycled. In the past, they also took other cardboard, paper, cans, and plastics. But those things were dropped, supposedly because of a lack of a market for them. Another factor is that it’s been difficult keeping transfer stations staffed and open. Finding staff to deal with recycling is probably impossible right now.

Even with just glass and corrugated cardboard accepted, I see people, no doubt with good intentions, putting the wrong things in the wrong places. The idea is to recycle glass, not glass in a cardboard box or plastic bag or with the cap on or surrounded by insects because it hasn’t been rinsed out!

I read somewhere that one of the reasons some nations stopped accepting recycled materials is that too many shipments were not recyclable, but were essentially trash. Still, I continue to drop my glass in the recycling container in the hope that it does some good. Incidentally, these aren’t all my bottles and jars! These were in the recycling skip.