Got any change for a gecko?

Gecko in Pepsi machine coin slot

Gecko peers out from Pepsi machine coin slotThis gold dust day gecko lives in this Pepsi machine and several times a day it emerges from the coin return slot to check out its surroundings. Sometimes it ventures farther afield on the machine.

The gecko seems to be doing fine in this environment. I just hope it’s not down there when someone hits the coin return button.

Gecko on a Pepsi machine

4 thoughts on “Got any change for a gecko?

    1. Graham Post author

      This is true. I know geckos live in my truck and every so often one appears on the hood while I’m rattling along at 55 mph. I really want to get a photo of one doing that, but it doesn’t seem like a good idea to try and operate my camera while I drive!

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