Gecko on a bird of paradise flower

Near the entrance to Upolu Airport there is a clump of bird of paradise plants. When the plants are in bloom I make a point of checking out the flowers as they are a favorite of the geckos. I’ll often see geckos on the flowers, especially if they have not yet begun to fade.

In this case, I saw this smaller gold dust day gecko licking nectar off a flower. The gecko noticed me after a few moments and fixed me with its gaze. It never took its eyes off me, but neither did it stop feasting on the nectar.

8 thoughts on “Gecko on a bird of paradise flower

    • I do like that photo, particularly for the focus of the gecko. It’s actually not that hard a shot to get since I often see geckos drinking from these, and other flowers. I’ve posted a few before under the ‘gecko’ tag.

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    • They’re quite bold. Like many animals, they watch the eyes. If I’d looked away, it might have taken off, but as it was, we maintained an agreeable distance and neither of us was unduly disturbed by the interaction.

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