Proud parents

I saw this rooster, hen and chicken on one of my walks and was struck by the parent birds’ attentiveness to their chick. I’d like to think this turned out well, but since these were free range birds, the chick would be lucky to survive to adulthood.

7 thoughts on “Proud parents

      1. naturebackin

        Alas it doesn’t, however, recently on a country road we slowed down as a mother hen shepherded about 8 chicks into the road in front of us, To our horror an oncoming car came speeding along towards us on the other side of the road. It did not slow down at all, and the mother hen froze on the white line and all the chicks stayed with her despite the noise, vibration and rush of turbulent air from the speeding car. Miraculously they all survived unhurt and they all successfully crossed to the other side! Talk about 9 lives 🙂

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