Morning thunder cloud

A few days ago, on my way to work, I rounded a corner and saw a bolt of lightening. It was the first of several, none of which I was able to capture on camera. But as the sky lightened, I got a better view of the thunder cloud producing the fireworks.

I was happy to see the cloud catch the early morning light and take on some vivid coloring, which I was able to photograph.

10 thoughts on “Morning thunder cloud

    • I think the lightening was coming from the far side of the cloud because, by the time I took this photo, it was barely visible. But the cloud still caught the lovely colors of the sunrise, so I was happy.

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      • I moved to Molokai for about a year in the 80s — my daughter born there, East End. Back again for horse hoof work for 14 years, around 2002, commuting between LAX and HNL (and local flights to Molokai) for two weeks out of every six weeks. A big commitment! My closest friends are in Hawaii. I have LOTS of great photos from all the years. Waimanalo, North Shore, Makaha Valley. Lots of horses, too :)) That’s why I dig your blog and photos. Your posts provide me with a very easy way to travel!

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        • Wow, that’s a lot of back and forth. Molokai must have been very interesting. I haven’t been there yet, but I’d like to. I’m glad my photos give you a little bit of a connection to the islands. I certainly like it here.

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          • Yes, your photos are great, Graham :)) :)) Thanks for taking the time to post them. I’m sure you will love Molokai — Kalaupapa is a must-see. Each island has its own unique energy, and Molokai is both laid back, and energetically intense. It speaks volumes to my soul! Let me know before you go, and I can give you my local tips :))

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