Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Hawi

It’s Christmas Eve, so what better time for a post about Hawi’s Sacred Heart Catholic Church. These photos were taken on a Wednesday evening and I’m not sure what the activity was inside the church. My goal was to take photos of the exterior without disturbing anyone.

When I got there, I was a bit surprised to see someone sitting on the steps outside the church, but they were absorbed in their phone and didn’t see me. I’d taken a few photos, when I realized that the figure on the steps had got up and was walking up the path to the church. That’s the person in clerical robes standing in the doorway in the lower photo. Shortly afterwards, he entered the church and I didn’t see him again.

While I’m not religious, I always enjoyed visiting churches in my native England and elsewhere. The interiors are usually cool and calm and conducive to reflection, and each church invariably has some feature of note. In this case, I liked the stained glass windows illuminated by the lights within.

3 thoughts on “Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Hawi

    1. Graham Post author

      Yes, I think stained glass looks great like that and also when the sun shines through illuminating it inside the church. I was so glad I went out that night, though I had no idea what might be going on when I did.

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