Signs: You’re going to die

This sign marks the border between Hualalai Resort and one of the public beaches there. It’s the equivalent of prescription drug warnings that taking them might turn you into a four-armed, paranoid psychopath.

Here, the dangers include man-o-wars, sharp coral, slippery rocks, sudden drop-off, dangerous shorebreak, high surf, and strong current. Oh, and there’s no lifeguard on duty. Well, no wonder, they’d have to be crazy to enter the water there.

14 thoughts on “Signs: You’re going to die

      1. The Snow Melts Somewhere

        I remember seeing American tv commercials with lawyers, medicine, disclaimers… and they went on and of forever, it seemed. Like a parallel world somewhere in utopia, where everyone is planning a lawsuit because their cereal had one misformed chunk or because they were told it would rain and it didn’t. Phew!!

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    1. Graham Post author

      They make it sound like one of the Normandy landing beaches. Actually, It really is a nice beach. The warnings are just the resort covering itself against any possible lawsuit.

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    1. Graham Post author

      That beach is probably deserted because new arrivals to the island are now required to self quarantine for 14 days, and tonight we start our lockdown which means there’s not much a visitor can do anyway. I saw a couple today, sunning themselves by a dirt road above a parking lot in the howling wind because it was one of the few places they were still allowed to be!

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