Signs: Beware of spiny urchins

The beach in front of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai
A sign at the beach in front of Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

I was amused by this sign on the beach in front of the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai. Spiny urchins in the rocks are like white lines on the highway. But of course, a visitor is not necessarily aware of this and the Four Seasons wouldn’t want any of its guests impaling themselves on spiky marine life, especially if they were likely to complain about it later.

This sign wasn’t far from another one that basically said you’d die if you set foot on the beach (here). Perhaps this was why the very lovely beach was deserted when I was there.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Some are pale such as rock boring urchins, but many are black or blue-black. Red pencil urchins are red – no surprise there and helmet urchins are purple, so there’s quite a bit of variety.

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