Bees on mamane flowers

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Yellow.’ See more responses here.

This is a good excuse to post more photos of bees foraging on bright yellow māmane flowers. Māmane (Sophora chrysophylla) is endemic to Hawaii, but while its flowers attract many insects, the seeds are highly toxic. The endangered palila, one of the last endemic Hawaiian honeycreepers, is a bird that feeds mostly on the māmane’s immature seed pods without any ill effect.


14 thoughts on “Bees on mamane flowers

  1. Forestwood

    Nature is amazing isn’t it? The way an insect or other creature evolves to take advantage of a plant that everyone else cannot eat. The photos are excellent, Graham. Your focus and composition is spot on and interesting. Good camera work and good camera! Thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Thanks Terri. I’ve never been afraid of being stung, but these days I’m more comfortable. If I get a little close, a bee or two will buzz around my head, but I just wait and they return to their activities.

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