Seven-spotted ladybug

The latest Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge is for April 3, 2020. (See challenge rules and more responses here.)

I saw this seven-spotted ladybug on my usual walk along the coast (which is still permitted here). Its bright red elytra jumped out against the largely green background. I’m not sure what the weed in seed was that it was clambering over.

The top photo was the last on my card for that day. The other two were taken earlier in the same encounter and have been cropped and adjusted.

8 thoughts on “Seven-spotted ladybug

    1. Graham Post author

      I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ-200 which is a fixed lens camera, but quite versatile. There’s a new model out, the FZ-300, which I know several other bloggers use.

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    1. Graham Post author

      The best thing about the challenge is I never remember when it is so when I see it posted, I’m kind of curious as to what my last photo was. I know what you mean about that photo. I was happy that the ladybug stuck around rather than scurrying off as they often do.

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