Three little pigs

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Something Good.’ See more responses here.

These three little pigs have been my top source of entertainment over the last couple of weeks. They’ve been regular visitors, looking for fallen mangoes and tangerines, or just foraging for worms and the like in the grass. The littlest pig seems the most adept at finding things and, when it does, the others try and get a piece of the action. Usually the littlest pig runs off with its trophy and the others chase it.

A couple of days ago they met Hopalong, a rooster thinking about making the yard his territory. Usually, when a rooster does that, I make a point of ushering it away every time it shows up and eventually it gives up. But Hopalong has a bad foot and doesn’t get around well, so he’s reluctant to move on. He wasn’t sure what to make of these pigs trotting toward him, so he retreated into the neighbor’s yard, looking affronted.

The three little pigs are easily spooked, scooting into the cane grass at the least disturbance. I think that’s where they live. I ventured in there one day and saw three little houses, one made of straw, another of sticks, and a third of bricks. I was going to investigate more, but I heard a low growling noise followed by some huffing and puffing, so thought better of it.

Also posted in response to Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Top.’ See more responses here.

19 thoughts on “Three little pigs

    1. Graham Post author

      They might be from the same family. Pigs can have a couple of litters a years so it could be that the mother disappeared and these are her surviving offspring.

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        1. Graham Post author

          There can be a practical side to it. In the past, larger groups of pigs used to come through the yard at night and I’d hear and smell them, snuffling away outside the bedroom window. A few sharp barks, they’d take off and I could get back to sleep!


    1. Graham Post author

      They’re feral and there are a lot on the island. The roosters are everywhere too. The fruit trees are nice, though the mango is a bit of a monster. The fruit often drops when it’s still green so it’s not a tree to hang out under!

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