Multiband butterflyfish atop coral

This multiband butterflyfish was cruising past the top of a head of coral. The dark stripe through its eye is a feature seen on many fish species, helping to confuse predators.

Posted in response to Becky’s April Squares challenge theme of ‘Top.’ See more responses here.

7 thoughts on “Multiband butterflyfish atop coral

    1. Graham Post author

      Yes, it’s not good for either party getting too close to coral. Given my propensity for running into things and accidentally cutting myself, I’m amazed I haven’t done myself more harm when I go swimming.

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    1. Graham Post author

      Alas, I haven’t been in the water for two weeks or more. A combination of the parks being closed (We’re allowed to swim, but not allowed to get to the water!) and a series of swells that make for poor conditions.

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