Hawi street art

Street art in Hawi, Hawaii.
This humpback whale art was painted in 2016 on a fence around the local car tow company, which is located in the heart of downtown. There’s also a whale tail farther down the fence.
Street art in Hawi, Hawaii.
This image has been on this wall for as long as I’ve lived here. It was getting very faded until recently when this vibrant new version appeared. It was only then that I noticed that the image is painted on some kind of canvas and attached to the wall.
Street art in Hawi, Hawaii.
For authentic street art it’s hard to beat Blake’s Corner, where a variety of ever-changing small bits of art can be found amongst a small patch of aloes and other plants, at the end of a covered walkway.

This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Street Art.’ See more responses here.

Here’s a tour of some of the street art in beautiful downtown Hawi. The actual walking tour would take you about the same amount of time as it will to read this post, since Hawi is not a big place. But, it being an arty community, there’s a fair bit of street art in a small area. As for graffiti, I posted a bit of that just the other day (here).

A mural in Hawi, Hawaii.
I posted about a mural in progress a while back (here). This is another mural on one of the solid fence sections that surround the concrete slab, all that’s left of the Hub Pub after it burned down.
A mural on the wall of Hawi Post Office in Hawaii.
A mural on the side of Hawi Post Office, painted by local high school kids, which I previously posted in 2018 (here).

2 thoughts on “Hawi street art

  1. SandyL

    It almost sounds like the city creates these fences so that artists can paint them? It’s an unusual idea. I normally think of street art as art imposed on existing street structures. That makes sense when the urban landscape is industrial and uninspiring. But the pretty landscapes in your world hardly need embellishment! Still, I like seeing the colorful stamps of human art. Thanks for sharing Graham.

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    1. Graham Post author

      The fence around the tow truck company is just a regular boundary fence. What’s unusual is having a tow company operating in the heart of downtown, but I think it’s been there so long that the downtown has changed around it. The fence around the space where the building burned (which is next door to the tow property) is just a screen I think. It might be something that has to be in place before there’s any rebuilding. That’s it’s been painted on is likely at the behest of the owners seeking to make the space a little cheerier.

      Liked by 1 person


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