Catching a wave

This surfer made it look easy, but it’s not easy. It takes practice, lots of falling off, wiping out, and getting dragged across the sand. Practice or not, it’s the kind of activity that would have me in a body cast in no time.

Posted in response to Becky’s October Squares challenge theme of ‘Kind.’ See more responses here. Also posted in response to this week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme of ‘Practice.’ See more responses here.

15 thoughts on “Catching a wave

        1. Graham Post author

          That’s true about surfing, and the Big Island isn’t as good as Oahu or Maui because we don’t get nearly as much good surf. The only time snorkeling isn’t interesting to me is when the visibility is so bad, I can’t see much of anything. Even then, there have been days like that where I’ll see an octopus or something unusual because it’s very close. Most of the time I find it interesting even when I’m just seeing the ‘regulars.’

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  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    I’m with Kitty! I grew up on San Diego beaches, but stayed with boogie boarding until age 49 when I kinda tried windsurfing. By 50 I preferred the sublime art of stand-up paddling on calmer waters, although I might try some wae paddling. Great shots, Graham!

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  2. Kitty

    Not at all easy, no. Tried this many years ago and windsurfing too. But after spending more time under the surface than on top of it, it was clear that the smart thing to do was to settle. Looking from a distance. It’s far easier – and safer. They’re really good! Because they make it look so easy

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