Sonoran carpenter bee

Sonoran carpenter bees are big. They’re the kind that, when I see one, I automatically flinch because I don’t want it to bump in to me and have it leave a bruise. Truth is, they’re pretty docile. This one is a female and has a stinger, but will only use it if provoked. Males are brown and somewhat smaller and don’t have a stinger at all.

Posted in response to Becky’s October Squares challenge theme of ‘Kind.’ See more responses here.

14 thoughts on “Sonoran carpenter bee

    1. Graham Post author

      You don’t like bees? Good job you don’t live in this house. The mock orange is in full bloom again for the second time in about 7 weeks. Apart from the fabulous scent, when I walk outside I hear it buzzing because the bees are all over it during the daylight hours. They are a good deal smaller than the carpenter bee though.

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