Christmas lights

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I ventured out into the chill Hawaiian night to see what kind of displays the area had to offer. I was pleasantly surprised to find that, despite the difficult circumstances, many people had hauled their lights out and illuminated their properties.

In the end though, I was taken by the window display at the Old Hawaiian Trading Company in Kapaau. I mean, who doesn’t like lights that flash on and off in different colors? People susceptible to seizures perhaps, but let’s not dwell on that. They worked for me. I’m a sucker for shiny things and blinking lights.

6 thoughts on “Christmas lights

  1. naturebackin

    Took me back to when I was a kid and how we used to go into town around Christmas time to go window shopping at night and to see the Christmas lights. It seems rather quaint now. These days downtown is avoided at night as it is not a really safe place to go wandering around.

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    1. Graham Post author

      There are one or two places on the island I wouldn’t go to during daylight hours, but mostly it’s pretty safe here. Certainly, where I live, I’ve never felt concerned.

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