Bees collecting water

Bees collect water from the edge of a pool
A bee collects water from the edge of a pool

I was taking photos of dragonflies over a pool when I realized there was a good deal of buzzing around where I stood. Looking around, I saw a fair number of bees collecting water from the edge of the pool. Luckily, I wasn’t bothering them and they didn’t bother me. I took a few photos and then returned to the futile practice of photographing dragonflies in motion.

7 thoughts on “Bees collecting water

  1. lisaonthebeach

    I love bees and dragonflies! I have taken many close ups of bees. Never been stung while taking photos. A few months back I saw bees in water too, I thought that was odd! I guess they need a drink sometimes too! 🐝🐝

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    1. Graham Post author

      Thanks, Brian. As I replied to Jo, I’ve already posted my best shot from that day. I recently got some nice photos of one that was unwise enough to land, which I’ll run, probably fairly soon.

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