A tree growing out of a tree

A tree growing out of a lava tree

Becky’s Squares challenge theme for July is ‘Trees.’ See more responses here.

Trees tend to be vertical and thus represent a bit of a problem for a squares challenge. However, I am nothing if not devious, and a rectangle can be nothing more than a collection of squares! By way of compensation, these images feature two trees for the price of one.

The lower part of the image is a lava tree. This is the lava formation that can be left when a living tree is surrounded by a lava flow. But that lava tree then can be a platform for plants to grow in the hollow center. In this case, the plant that’s growing is another tree.

I’d add something about this representing the cycle of life, but that’s circular and thus wildly inappropriate for a squares challenge! For a little more about lava trees, see here.

20 thoughts on “A tree growing out of a tree

    1. Graham Post author

      I was picturing triptych paintings and thought I could do something similar with these tree photos. I hope I have the time to try a few more approaches this month.


        1. Graham Post author

          I just overlaid a white line grid over the image. I did try separating the photo into parts to use in the gallery format, but I didn’t like the result as much.


        1. Graham Post author

          I use Photoshop Elements to process my photos, so I created the white grid as a separate image and just overlaid it on the photo. For the gallery idea, I had to take the image and divide it into six separate square images. It looked OK but the white spaces were wider and I thought they didn’t work as well for this image. I’m hoping that, sometime this month, I’ll come up with another image that works better in that format.

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