Big Island Dairy

The old Big Island Dairy on the east side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

This aerial view of Big Island Dairy was taken before it closed down. Situated on the northeast side of the island above Ookala, the dairy was a fairly large operation with up to 1,800 cows. But it had problems with a series of spills from its wastewater lagoons, with manure-rich water running into neighboring Alaialoa Gulch and Kaohaoha Gulch and on down to the ocean.

The dairy closed in early 2019, leaving the Cloverleaf Dairy, at Upolu, as the only one on the island. But now, the assets of Big Island Dairy have been purchased and a proposal made to reopen the facility as a much smaller operation with no more than 200 cows. It’s still in the planning process, but the new owners have made an effort to contact local residents so that the issues from the previous operation aren’t repeated.


2 thoughts on “Big Island Dairy

  1. bushboy

    I have done a fair bit of work with dairies in the past about their nutrient run-off. There are so many different ways to protect waterways. The big dairy didn’t want to spend money I guess. A smaller one will be successful I am sure

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    1. Graham Post author

      I think they spent money, but the problem there is, when it rains it pours, and their setup wasn’t geared to contain that. I too think a smaller operation will have a better chance of succeeding, but they will need to be organized right from the start since I don’t think they’ll get much leeway from the local community.

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