A breadfruit plant and fruit

Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) is generally considered to be a canoe plant, brought to Hawaii by Polynesian settlers, though it’s not entirely clear when the introduction occurred. However, it is clear that breadfruit, known as ‘ulu in Hawaii, was a major food source in days gone by and that the trees were possibly the most prevalent tree to be found on the islands.

An interesting paper about breadfruit can be found at › oc › freepubs › pdf › breadfruit.pdf.

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  1. SandyL

    Growing up in Jamaica, I used to eat breadfruuit all the time. We’d roast it on an open fire which would burn the outside while steaming the inside. It’d have a delicious smokey taste with a dense, carby texture. It did not taste like bread at all. Chips are nice but in the same way that potato chips dont taste like baked potatoes, its different.

    I always thought it came from SE Asia but was surprised to never see it eaten there. I saw the tree and fruit on the tree, but folks didnt seem to eat it. Maybe it hopped a ride from Polynesia and traveled east 😉

    Thanks for the link Graham but it didnt work for me?

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    1. Graham Post author

      Interesting that they don’t eat it in SE Asia. Your Jamaican method sound pretty good. I might have to try that. Thanks for the info about the link. I put the whole thing in and that seems to work now. Might be because it’s a pdf download.

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      1. SandyL

        The link worked for me. Interesting reading!
        If you do try the roasted breadfruit, let me know what you think. Sorry to hear that it’s not commonly eaten anymore. Maybe you can start a trend 🙂

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