The things we do

A gold dust day gecko in a house

I was going through some old photos, came across this one, and realized I’d never posted it before. This was a gecko that lived in our house a few years ago. We called him Jones because he had a peculiar fondness for ant bait.

Like all geckos, he shed his skin periodically, but on this occasion he was having difficulty getting rid of the old skin around his feet. That’s a problem for a gecko because it meant he wasn’t able to climb around everywhere having lost the ‘stickum’ qualities of his feet. So he would wander around on the floor and once in a while make his way into the bathroom and be unable to navigate the step to get out. So I made this little set of steps for him, shoved it up against the big step, and waited. Jones quickly got the hang of it and used it for several days until he finally shed the last remnants of his old skin.

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  1. Kitty

    Aww .. Jones looks happy. Someone said; you can tell a lot about a person by the way they treat animals. There’s a lot of truth to that. Merry Christmas to you and yours Graham. Moxxi and I wish you all the best. 🎄

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