Hen and chicks

A hen with her chicks

This hen and her brood of chicks were foraging on shore at Honokohau Harbor. Most places in Hawaii have a generous number of hens and roosters wandering free, with Kaui particularly notorious for its abundance of roaming poultry.

7 thoughts on “Hen and chicks

  1. bushboy

    I guess they were put there by sailors in the past for a food source on their voyages and not native poultry. An abundance can be quite a nuisance especially if the Roosters gather on your fence in the mornings

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    1. Graham Post author

      I think the Polynesians brought poultry with them when they came to Hawaii, but they’ve certainly been added to. I lived next to a rooster farm for 6 months so I know it’s not just mornings they disrupt. It can be 24 hours a day!

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