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Brown Anole

A brown anole on a wire in Hawaii
A brown anole on a post in Hawaii

I saw this anole down at Honokohau Harbor in Kailua Kona. It was asserting its rights to a patch of territory there, though it didn’t look particularly promising as far as harboring much in the way of food. It’s also an area that tends to be thick with house sparrows, hanging around to snag leftover French fries at the Harbor House restaurant, which is where these photos were taken from.

Hen and chicks

A hen with her chicks

This hen and her brood of chicks were foraging on shore at Honokohau Harbor. Most places in Hawaii have a generous number of hens and roosters wandering free, with Kaui particularly notorious for its abundance of roaming poultry.

Signs: Gone fishin’ and divin’ and …

Signs at Honokohau Habor, Hawaii
A sign at Honokohau Habor, Hawaii

Honokohau Harbor, on the north end of Kailua Kona, is home to a good number of small boats, many of which are used for a variety of tour activities from deep sea fishing to whale watching, to snorkeling. Signs on shore advertise what tours are available on the different boats.

In addition, smaller boats are trailered in and out each day, and launched on one of the two boat ramps at the harbor.

Signs at Honokohau Habor, Hawaii

Honokohau Harbor entrance

Honokohau Harbor entrance

Honokohau Harbor, just north of Kailua Kona, is the main small boat harbor on the west side of the Big Island. In addition to private pleasure craft, a lot of charter boats operate out of the harbor, taking guests out to fish, snorkel, dive, and whale watch.

While it looks placid in this photo, once outside this harbor entrance, boaters are in the Pacific Ocean and conditions can change dramatically in a very short time.