Flowery Flounder in reverse

A flowery flounder on the sand in Hawaii
A flowery flounder swimming in Hawaii
A flowery flounder on the sand in Hawaii

The top photo shows a Flowery Flounder resting on a patch of sandy sea floor. These fish blend in so well they’re almost impossible to spot. The trick is to spot them on the move (second photo). In motion, they’re quite distinctive with their undulating movement, especially if the pectoral fin is raised as in this photo.

The third photo shows the fish just as it landed on the sand to begin its very fast process of blending in.


13 thoughts on “Flowery Flounder in reverse

  1. naturebackin

    Well spotted indeed! Great photos of such a fascinating fish – apart from their incredible camouflage abilities it is weird that they are actually swimming and resting on their sides!

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    1. Graham Post author

      They’re strange fish in general. It doesn’t get any weirder than being born with eyes on both sides and then one migrates to the same side as the other one!

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