Giant Laulau

Giant Laulau fruits in Hawaii

Giant Laulau (Syzygium megacarpa) is widespread across the Pacific. These red fruits apparently taste similar to apples though I haven’t yet tried one. This one was at Hawai’i Tropical Bioreserve & Garden.

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4 thoughts on “Giant Laulau

  1. Sandy

    These look like a fruit I know as Otaheite apples, which are also known rose apples or Malay apples. As a child it was always a treat to get it when I could. The flesh is pure white with a kind of spongy texture. I thought it was called an apple because of the color rather than the taste. The taste is mild, not acidic and not very sweet. I think this name Syzygium megacarpa seems to refer to a range of fruit but the one I know is less elongated and more like this …

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  2. naturebackin

    I was most interested to see this Syzygium with such large fruit. We have an an indigenous Syzygium here in SA – Syzygium cordatum (also known as the common water berry or as the umdoni) – its fruits are edible but they are small – about the size of a marble.

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