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The brilliant red bracts of the Tree Poinsettia Warszewiczia Coccinea

Tree poinsettia

Alocasia micholitziana and Calathea bella

Leaf patterns

A Heliconia Schumaniana at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, north of Hilo

Heliconia Schumaniana “San Lorenzo”

These ‘Malay Rose’ torch ginger (Etlingera venusta) flowers were in bloom at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

‘Malay Rose’ torch ginger

A rose grape blooms in Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

Rose grape

Chocolate ball ginger (Zingiber macradenium) is a beehive ginger, so-called because of their shape and composition.

Chocolate ball ginger

Palm trees and other foliage reflect off the calm surface of Lily Lake at Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

Abstracts: Lily Lake reflections

Banana stalk flies mating on the spadix of an Anthurium schlechtendalii

Banana stalk flies mating