Brown pigeon

A Pigeon on the coast in Hawaii

I saw this pigeon on the coast, below Upolu. It’s the only brown pigeon I’ve seen, though their colors can vary a good deal. This one was disturbed by my attention, though it was a fair distance away, so it took off, swooping down as it did so. However, it did clear the water!

A Pigeon flies off the coast of Hawaii

9 thoughts on “Brown pigeon

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    How cool is this, Graham? Maybe an albino? I’ve never seen a brown pigeon either. We currently have a rave of ravens squawking around our neighborhood. Perhaps a couple fledged and are being fed by mom somewhere. I was able to walk right up to the unoccupied house down the street to get shots with my cell. 4 of 5 had their mouths slightly open and they did not budge, but they had that fluffy-feather appearance indicative of a fledgling. I went back to get my camera and they flew away (of course).

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    1. Graham Post author

      I think it’s just a brown pigeon that might have blown in from one of the other islands. Your raven encounter sounds fun. Reaching for a camera tends to scare a lot of creatures, including humans!

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