Whitemouth Moray Eel

A whitemouth moray eel in the waters off Hawaii
A whitemouth moray eel in the waters off Hawaii

At one of my regular snorkeling spots, there’s a spot I call The Eel Motel. It’s a little hole in the rock, which is often occupied by a small Whitemouth Moray Eel or Yellowhead Moray Eel. On this visit, the former was home.

In the top photo, the eel’s head is on the left and its tail on the right. Even though the eel has its mouth closed, the white tip to the tail is another sure identifier. I drifted above it, taking photos, while its head twisted back and forth keeping track of me.

The markings on these eels can vary quite a bit, one of which is a full spread of bold white spots, such as these.


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    1. Graham Post author

      I love snorkeling. I never know what I’m going to see. Often times there’s nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s still a lot of fun. And then there are those occasions when something wonderful is encountered!

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