Cloud over Mauna Loa eruption

A cloud forms over the site of the eruption on Mauna Loa , Hawaii

On my way to work yesterday, I pulled over to photograph this view of Mauna Loa, early on day three of the current eruption. The heat and emissions from volcanic eruptions can create their own weather. Here, smoke and gasses from the most active vent can be seen rising up into a cloud over the northeast slope of the volcano.

Posted for Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge. See more responses here.


11 thoughts on “Cloud over Mauna Loa eruption

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    1. Graham Post author

      Yes, it was a bit unexpected. Tons of people have been heading up to Saddle Road to see the activity and it’s been a zoo up there. I’d like to go too, but don’t want to get involved in a dangerous circus. We’ll see how things shake out these next few days.


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