A day on the tiles

A Mourning Gecko on a tile floor

I saw this mourning gecko on the lanai tiles of my neighbor’s now empty house. Mourning geckos are mostly nocturnal, but are sometimes seen during the day, though usually not in such an exposed location. This one is a female. I say that with some confidence because almost all mourning geckos are females. They reproduce by parthenogenesis, which is where an egg or sperm doesn’t have to combine with another egg or sperm for an embryo to develop.

Posted for Bushboy’s Last on the Card photo challenge. See more responses here.


11 thoughts on “A day on the tiles

  1. bushboy

    That’s a cool Last Photo Graham. Now I wonder about my geckos around the house. I thought they were having sex behind the pictures on the wall but maybe it’s a territorial spat. I did wonder why the Gecko who hangs under the floor lamp in the loungeroom llooks at me funny when I call him? Keith 😂
    Thanks for joining in 🙂 🙂

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