How to play pigball

Piglets wrestle for a mango

Leave one large unripe mango on the ground and wait for the arrival of seven small piglets. Watch them bat the mango around, trying to snare it in their small jaws. There are no rules in this game, so pushing and shoving is common, as is running around for no clear reason.

The winner is the one who snags and keeps the mango.

Piglets wrestle for a mango

It’s a strenuous activity so a post-game rest is advised.

Piglets resting

11 thoughts on “How to play pigball

    1. Graham Post author

      They are wild and they can get quite large, though not as large as domestic pigs that are bred to be bigger. They’re they size of a large dog but bulkier, and not to be messed with when they’re that size.

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