Kohala pastoral

Horses and cattle in North Kohala

A lot of North Kohala is agricultural land. The drive along the mountain road from Hawi to Waimea passes through ranch land, lush and green on the mountain side of the road becoming dry and browner as it slopes towards the ocean. This is cattle country with a good number of horses for the paniolos (cowboys) who tend them – though it has to be said that these days much of the paniolo’s work is carried out on ATVs.

This view is from just off the mountain road looking down toward the ocean.

2 thoughts on “Kohala pastoral

  1. Graham Post author

    Thanks for the kind words. We must have passed in the night! I lived in Washington State before I moved here. Haven’t been to Kauai yet, but it’s on the list.


  2. Kevin

    Great photo! We just had our first trip to the Big Island this February (I’m from Kauai but now in Seattle). The Big Island was a wonderful place and I love your photos! Keep up the awesome blog posts!


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