Temporary substation

A temporary substation is installed while work is done on the Big Island of Hawaii

This little arrangement sprouted up in a cow pasture, beside the road to Upolu Airport, over the course of a week of so. It’s quite substantial with three new poles, fencing, and a gate having been put in, but the equipment itself is on wheels.

I was curious as to its purpose and finally happened by while workmen were there. As the title says, it’s a temporary substation. It’s been installed so that changes in the local distribution network can be achieved without power shutdowns. Supposedly, it will be in operation for two or three weeks, then the poles, fences, and equipment will be removed and the cows will get their pasture back.


5 thoughts on “Temporary substation

  1. Always curious when something such as your substation appears. Newly paved road projects, on previously dirt always really gets me curious about what the bigger plan is. Unusual, but interesting post. Thank you.


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