Rampant tropical plants

Tropical foliage at Lily Lake

Tropical FoliageI live in a pretty green area of the Big Island, but I always enjoy a visit to the much wetter east side. The extra rain allows the tropical foliage to run amok. Trees and shrubs compete for space and light, and vines run everywhere – along the ground and up tree trunks. It’s a riot of many shades of green and leaves of every size, from tiny ground covers to giant bananas to the distinctive leaves of a monstera deliciosa surrounding its flower (below).

Posted in response to this week’s Sunday Stills challenge on the theme of ‘Plant Life.’ See more responses here.

Monstera Deliciosa flower


20 thoughts on “Rampant tropical plants

  1. I loved the Hilo area, Graham. Everything was so green it almost hurt my eyes to look at it all! Thanks for linking up with Sunday Stills! I appreciate your comment earlier about planning for the challenges–I’m a planner too and I think this helps bloggers over all!

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