Bee on lantana

Bee on Lantana

Lantana is such a colorful flower – pink and purple, yellow and orange (and invasive here, but let’s not talk about that). Curiously, it doesn’t seem all that popular with bugs, at least by my observations. But at certain times I see butterflies very interested and on this occasion, several bees were going from bloom to bloom.

Posted in response to this week’s Sunday Stills challenge on the theme of ‘Macro-Photography of Anything.’ See more responses here.

10 thoughts on “Bee on lantana

  1. Terri Webster Schrandt

    What a glorious shot, Graham, so clear and crisp. The colors are amazing! I’m always surprised to read about invasive species on the islands. When they were first inhabited by the first Polynesians, I would think a lot of what is there today was brought over from elsewhere. But as I saw first hand with certain trees and those darn (but cute) coqui frogs, invasive species can take over to the detriment of others! Lovely shot for SundayStills!! I managed to share this on my Facebook page and twitter!

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    1. Graham Post author

      So many native species have been wiped out here, most of them due to predation by introduced species or the activities of that most destructive invasive species, humans. For example, there used to be 55 different species of Hawaiian honeycreepers including 16 kinds of finch-billed honeycreepers. Now there are just 17 species left and only one, the palila, of the finch-billed kind. Thanks for sharing the post.

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