Egrets and turbines

Egrets and turbines

Today marks the 1,000th post on this blog. To mark the occasion I looked for a suitably appropriate subject and couldn’t find anything! So instead I chose this photo since it featured a couple of subjects I must have seen a thousand times.

I pass the turbines at Hawi Wind Farm on my way to the part of the coast where I regularly walk. And I’ve seen an awful lot of cattle/horse/sheep/goat/lawn mower egrets since they are omnipresent. Plus I have a soft spot for them.

In this photo, a flock of egrets is on a mission to get from one pasture to another one. They aren’t the most graceful of flyers, but en masse I find they make a very pleasing sight.

8 thoughts on “Egrets and turbines

    1. Graham Post author

      Thanks. I suspect the egrets don’t have too much trouble with the blades. They spend a lot of time with cattle in these fields and I think they’ve become used to the turbines. The only time I saw any bird having an issue was a great frigatebird that appeared to become a bit disoriented in their vicinity.

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