A study of Sunshine

Sunshine the cat

SunshineThis is Sunshine, once a feral cat, now somewhat domesticated. Her right ear has been clipped to show she’s been spayed. She’s also been chipped and had her shots. And while she can be affectionate, especially when she’d like to be fed, she’s not above slashing wrists if she feels like it. A cat to handle with care, perhaps.

11 thoughts on “A study of Sunshine

    1. Graham Post author

      It’s good the cats are taken care of, but they’re still something of a problem, particularly close to the coast where a parasite they carry is deadly to the monk seals.

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      1. naturebackin

        I had not heard about the monk seals predicament before, so have just read a bit about toxoplasmosis and its serious effect on monk seals (as well as on sea otters). I gather that of the animals of different species that are infected, it is only cats that excrete the parasite, and they contract it from eating infected prey. Likewise we can get toxoplasmosis from handling or eating infected raw (or undercooked) meat, which I was not aware of before. Thanks for alerting me to this complex problem.

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        1. Graham Post author

          And thanks for reminding me of the name, which I always forget. The biggest problem here is with the danger to the monk seals since they’re endangered and their numbers are so low.

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