When worlds collide

Two stores in Hawi in a dispute.
A store in Hawi in a dispute with its neighbor

These two stores have been neighbors for a while in downtown Hawi. Star Light features ‘Crystals & Treasures’ and ‘Spiritual Guidance Readings & Sessions.’

Hawaii Cigar & Ukelele is a new combination at this spot, but the cigar part of it has been there since I’ve lived here and probably for much longer. In the last few months the store has been promoting its CBD (Cannabidiol) products and it might be this that has fractured the fraught relationship between these neighbors.

Hopefully, the pending relocation will leave all parties happy and the spirit of aloha will return to the downtown area.

Posted in response to this week’s Friendly Friday challenge on the theme of ‘Story.’ See more responses here.

6 thoughts on “When worlds collide

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    1. Graham Post author

      I have no particular bias about CBD, except that my spam folder has lately been inundated with CBD-related junk so I guess I’m on Star Lights’s side on this one.

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