Signs: Sign of the times

This sign went up on one of the stores in downtown Hawi recently. Many local stores rely on tourism to make ends meet, but there are virtually no tourists. Not that it matters, because non-essential businesses have been shut down for a couple of months anyway. Some businesses are now being allowed to open again, but a cautious approach is being taken – rightly in my opinion – and it’s likely a fair number of enterprises will never reopen.

Ironically, it was just over a year ago that I did another post about this shop (here). It was after that episode that Hawaii Cigar & Ukelele expanded in to the newly vacated space. But now they’re both vacant and not likely to be filled until something approaching normalcy returns to the area.

4 thoughts on “Signs: Sign of the times

    1. Graham Post author

      Many businesses here are supported by locals, but I think it’s the tourists that provide the boost that make it worthwhile for them, so it will depend on if and when they return.

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  1. naturebackin

    Very sad these tough times especially in a tourism-based economy.
    Here in South Africa the current ban on the sale of cigarettes, tobacco and tobacco products is set to continue next month (for health reasons) when many other lockdown regulations are to be lifted as we enter into the next phase of the lockdown. Even though the Covid-19 infection rate here is projected to peak only in about August restrictions are being eased in a complex balancing act to try to save both lives and livelihoods.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I saw a couple of businesses in town that were open again today for the first time in ages, as restrictions are eased. Not sure how they’ll fare without tourists, though both do get a fair amount of local trade. But the telling moment will be when they allow the tourists to return (if they choose to come).

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