Mahai’ula Beach

This week’s Sunday Stills challenge theme is ‘Warmth.’ (See more offerings here.) Picture yourself stretched out on this beach. Imagine the sun warming the sand, warming you. Perhaps it’s time for a dip in the clear, turquoise waters. After you emerge, the sun quickly dries you. Time to retreat to the shade of the trees lining the beach, a cool beverage at your side, a book in hand (put that phone away). Repeat as necessary.

This is Mahai’ula Beach, one of the beaches at Kekaha Kai Park. The old house, in the top photo, was built in 1880 by John Kaelemakule, a successful fisherman and businessman. After he died in 1936, the property was sold to the Magoon family who owned the land until 1993. It’s now owned by the state of Hawaii.

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