This week’s Friendly Friday challenge theme is ‘Alternative Version.’ See more responses here.

Surfing originated in Hawaii and is a quintessential Hawaiian activity. When the surf’s up, so is absenteeism at the workplace. For last week’s challenge, I posted a photo of surfers waiting for a wave.

This week, I’m posting photos of one of those surfers catching a wave. In the photos, the surfer cuts a curve down the face of a wave, zips along its base, and then climbs up the face again. At the top, he jumps off, no doubt to wait for the next wave he can catch.

And the alternative version? Wipeout! In the bottom photo an unoccupied surfboard heads to shore, still tethered to the ankle of the out-of-sight surfer who wiped out moments before.

7 thoughts on “Surfing

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  2. The Snow Melts Somewhere

    Imagine saying you’re sick and going surfing… and then bumping into your boss there, off surfing as well! 😀 Do you surf? My alter ego does, ie the version of me that I feel I should have been, the one that got away… 😉 I’ve only tried once, in Maui, and loved it.

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    1. Graham Post author

      It’s never too late to start surfing, but I think it might be for me. I suspect I’d go out there and get destroyed, but I do like seeing the surfers working the waves and getting that rush from catching one just so. I imagine a few people have bumped into their boss in the way you suggest, but the boss is probably there having told his staff he has an important meeting to go to, so he would be just as culpable. Actually, if he was a surfer, he’d probably give everyone the day off to hit the water.

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