Gold dust day gecko on a torch ginger

There is no Sunday Stills challenge this week (or next), but the theme was going to be ‘Something Red or Green or Both!’ so I thought I’d go with the photo I had picked out for that anyway.

So here’s a very green (with red markings) gold dust day gecko resting atop a very red torch ginger surrounded by green foliage. It looks like the gecko has been in the wars judging from the rings around its tail, which suggest it has lost it a few times. The most recent regrowth is the lower brown part, which will ultimately take on a matching green color once it’s fully grown.

12 thoughts on “Gold dust day gecko on a torch ginger

  1. Great photo! I did not know that about the tail. We get geckos in our house, very tiny ones, and always they lose their tails (thanks to the kitty). We have rescued many. We have a cup in the bathroom to rescue the geckos, as that is always where she brings them for some reason!

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