Everyone needs a copy editor

On Saturday, I was finalizing my post for Sunday when I had a copy editor drop in. This baby gecko checked out my typing and seemed satisfied. Then it padded up the screen to the top, perched there for a while, before disappearing down the back.

I usually use my laptop while sitting next to a window in the living room. It’s a long-standing tradition in this house for baby geckos to peer over the edge of the trim above this window, before leaping down onto my head, legs, or computer. This is a drop of five or six feet, which is 60 to 70 times the length of these little geckos. That would be like me throwing myself off a 400-foot-high cliff. The only difference is that I wouldn’t be getting up and going anywhere after that.

11 thoughts on “Everyone needs a copy editor

    1. Graham Post author

      I bet you’d have good reason to worry. I used to jump when it first happened here, mostly in case it was a centipede, which are the bad biters around here. Now I’m used to it, so when I feel that light plop on the head and a bit of scampering, I know what’s going on right away.

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    1. Graham Post author

      I’m not sure what the baby geckos eat. Mostly they seem to end up as food for big geckos. We have big geckos, that are active at night, in the house and they do eat cockroaches and the like. The big day geckos don’t fare as well, mostly because they have to coexist with big, clumsy humans clumping around.

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